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Beautiful Scenes Around Grundy County

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Beautiful Scenes Around Grundy County

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Beautiful Scenes Around Grundy County

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Beautiful Scenes Around Grundy County

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Beautiful Scenes Around Grundy County


The current pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus has been declared a Public Health Emergency by the Federal Government and a Public Health Disaster by Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds. Because of the Public Health Emergency, Governor Reynolds has issued several proclamations creating restrictions aimed at protecting Iowa’s citizens. A violation of any proclamation issued by Governor Reynolds is a simple misdemeanor under Iowa law, punishable by a fine of up to $625 and 30 days in jail. The Grundy County Attorney’s Office takes public health very seriously, especially during this time. Any violations of the Governor’s proclamations and thus, Iowa law, will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


SUMMER HELP WANTED: Grundy County is currently accepting applications for two positions this summer. One position will be for the Engineer’s Office, working on bridge surveys and engineering documents. The other position will be mowing/trimming county yards, painting, and other general duties for the Secondary Road Department. Persons applying must be 18 years old or older and possess a valid driver’s license. A clean driving record and dependable work record is required. Apply at the Grundy County Engineer’s Office, 22580 M Ave, Grundy Center, Iowa, or applications are available at the following links:. Engineer's Office application for working on bridge surveys and engineering documents CLICK HERE, for the Secondary Road summer help application CLICK HERE. Applications close May 1st, 2020 at 4:00 pm. An Equal Opportunity Employer.

The time to appeal your assessment notice that you have recieved has now been extended June 5, 2020.  For the full info about it CLICK HERE.

Grundy County Attorney and Sheriff's Office want to advise the public of a new IRS phone scam:
The IRS will never call you and ask for personal information. If you receive a call from somebody claiming to work for the IRS and they are asking for personal information, DO NOT give them any information. Hang up immediately and notify your local law enforcement.

The Iowa Department of Public Health has confirmed the existence of community spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) in the State of Iowa.  In an attempt to protect the health and safety of those in our communities, including the employees of Grundy County, the Board of Supervisors has ordered the closure of all county buildings, except the sheriff’s office, effective at 11:00 AM March 19, 2020, until further notice. This decision has been made with input from our employees who will continue to work to conduct the business of Grundy County.

Grundy County is proud of the services it provides to the public. We appreciate that this closure may pose an inconvenience, but many county services can be obtained via telephone, email and regular mail correspondence. Therefore, the closure will not deny all services provided to the public. Essential county services, such as the 911 Call Center, Emergency Management, Jail, Public Health, and the Sheriff’s Office as well as the Clerk of Court will continue to operate with slight modifications to protect the health of citizens and employees. If you need to access a particular service or meet a set deadline, please contact the pertinent department by phone or email to see what accommodations can be made.  Contact information for all county departments are available on this website.

Governor Reynolds issued a proclamation on 3/19/2020 that waives late penalty on property tax payments through April 16, 2020 to help give some assistance to Iowans dealing with the impact of COVID-19’s arrival in our state.  There are also changes in driver's license and car registrations.  Please CLICK HERE to find out the full details.


Attention Grundy County Rural Landowners - Sign up for Dust Control Service: The Grundy County Engineer's Office has made arrangments with a private contractor, Binns & Stevens of Oskaloosa, Iowa, for Dust Control.  The signup deadline for this service is Friday, April 17, 2020. For more information and the permit CLICK HERE.

 New Public Transportation Option Available in Grundy County -  Reliable and on-demand transportation is just a phone call away for residents of Grundy County! With the start of 2020, the Regional Transit Commission is operating a bus throughout Grundy County – which can take residents of any age or income level to destinations within the county or to Waterloo-Cedar Falls or Marshalltown. This is great news for those who may find it challenging to travel to doctor’s appointments or medical tests – and GCMH is pleased that RTC has expanded its services and is helping to remove the barrier that lack of transportation may present. Rides may be reserved 24 hours in advance by phoning (800) 369-3022. CLICK HERE for more information.

GRUNDY COUNTY WILL REQUIRE A BILL OF SALE FOR TRANSFERRING VEHICLE TITLES BEGINNING JULY 1, 2020.  Effective July 1, 2020, the Grundy County Treasurer's Office will require customers to provide a Bill of Sale when transferring titles to motor vehicles between private parties.  A Bill of Sale or purchase agreement is already required for vehicles purchased from a dealership.  The Iowa State County Treasurer Association (ISCTA) in conjunction with the Iowa Department of Revenue (IDR) aim to substantiate vehicle purchase prices which have a direct impact on the fees that are remitted to the State's Road Use Tax fund.  The ISCTA Executive Board is encouraging all 99 counties to proactively require a Bill of Sale to be completed by both the seller and the buyer in advance of any administrative mandate.  Many counties already require a Bill of Sale between private parties and are allowed to do so pursuant to section 321.13 of the Iowa Code.  Grundy County will join other counties and require a Bill of Sale effective July 1, 2020.  The Bill of Sale should include the seller's name, make of the vehicle, year of the vehicle, vehicle identification number (VIN), buyer's name, date of sale, purchase price and signature of seller.  Get an example of a Bill of Sale by CLICKING HERE.

 Grundy County Public Health has a Household Sharps Disposal Program.  To find out more CLICK HERE


On Grundy County's Beacon Site you can now apply for new Homestead, Military and/or Business Property Tax Credits.  Just search for your parcel, then scroll toward the bottom of the information on your parcel and you will see the three credits listed there.  Click on the credit you need to complete.  The form will open up on another tab and will auto fill for you with the information needed for your property.  Read through the whole form and complete the areas that still need to be completed and then sign your name by using your mouse.  Click Save in the upper left-hand corner.  If there are fields needing to be completed, a message box will appear on which field(s) and a red message will appear by the field(s).  When the form is successfully completed, another screen will appear.  Put in your email address if you wish to receive a copy for yourself  or you can print it a copy from that screen, then click the Submit Application button.  That is it.  CLICK HERE TO GET TO THE GRUNDY COUNTY'S BEACON PAGE.  If you have questions please contact the Assessor's Office at 319-824-6216.

Report a Crime by email to the Sheriff's Office. 

If you want to report a Crime, Wrongful Activity or Important Information for the Sheriff's Office you can email them at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  This email will be sent to a person that is on duty and can act upon the information.  But for all emergencies call 911.

The Grundy County Emergency Management Agency is announcing that the Alert Iowa Emergency Notification System is ready for the public to sign up.  This Emergency Notification System is crucial in times of Emergency when there is a mass amount of people that are possibly affected.  the Grundy County Emergency Management will be able to put out Alerts by Cell Phones, Landline Phones, Text Message, Automated Voice Message and Email.  For the Public to sign up please  CLICK HERE   to go to the web page to fill in your information.  All residents are asked to sign up.  Please help family and friends who may not have computer access.  For the full press release please  CLICK HERE.