Historical Photos

Wagon full of corn picked by hand.

Board of Supervisor’s Room back in the day; notice the spittoons on the floor.

National Corn Husking Contest held in Grundy County in 1931. Just one of the many parking lots for the event.

The picture shows the current Courthouse with the original “Cheesebox” Courthouse. The current Courthouse cost was $45,432.48 in 1891.

The Courthouse with the County Jail and Grundy Center Hotel showing in the background.

This is how the Court Room looked when the Courthouse was built. Notice the old light fixtures and all the stenciling work.

First Courthouse of Grundy County nicknamed the CheeseBox.

When the County used to pay a bounty on foxes, this is the catch this gentleman brought in.

The old train depot that was in the City of Reinbeck.

County’s first computer. To run a program you had to feed a paper tape into it to load the software and the data was stored on punch cards.

The old County Jail and living quarters for a Deputy who watched over the prisoners and fed them. Later the living quarters became the Sheriff’s Office.

1949 Schildroth Farm.

old Grundy Center Photo - undated